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Well-planned businesses experience far fewer problems than those that do not devote time and resources to the planning process. With well-qualified attorneys having everything from more than 60 years of business litigation experience to real-world business experience, we are prepared to provide you with all of the tools you will need in order to determine the best organization for the success of your new or existing business. We can advise and recommend a business structure that best fits the projected needs of your new business. You will be provided with an explanation of the advantages and disadvantages of the organizational options based on the law and practicalities applicable to each. After you have decided the structure that will best help you to accomplish the goals of your business, we will create all of the required documents so that you can most efficiently execute your business plan in compliance with legal requirements.


A well-run business requires that time is taken to evaluate the changes occurring both within and outside the organization. A business should constantly evaluate risk, monitor changes in the law, and be prepared for changes that will affect the organization or the industry in which it operates. Our firm can help you with these planning concerns. In today’s rapidly changing world, we can assure continuing compliance with legal and tax requirements. We also can help you convert your business into a different operational organization if it will better accomplish your goals, and provide guidance so that you can make the change while accomplishing the greatest possible tax treatment.


We are well equipped to help you during any process of negotiation, whether it involves a client, customer, employee, government body, municipality, creditor, or debtor. For any negotiation that requires a written agreement, we will draft a contract that best protects your interests while accomplishing the goals of every party. We are experienced litigators, and can help you in any type of dispute resolution whether it involves mediation, a jury trial, or any other method of dispute resolution.


We are prepared to handle planning, ongoing operational requirements, or any dispute related to your business.


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